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Thursday, March 5, 2009

I'm Holly

Hello! My name is Holly Moss. I was born and raised in Arizona-- mostly Mesa, where I now reside! I am a creature of the sun, and no I don't mind the blazing hot 115* summers that much. I grew up as the 4th of 5 kids in a happy and hard-working home. I never remember quarrelling with my brothers and sisters and call them all my best friends today. My dad worked for the airlines growing up so we traveled for free-- A LOT! I've currently been to 34 states and 10 countries and feel so lucky to see and experience the things I did at an early age. The most impressionable trips were those to church history sites and having family testimony meetings along the way!
After graduating high school I attended Ricks College for 1 year, where I met and roomed and served with Natalie Sue---- she's great! The next year Ricks became BYU-Idaho and that's where I graduated with my Associates in Psychology. I transferred to BYU in Provo and after my 3rd week there I met my husband on a blind date! It was love at first sight for him-- it took me a little longer. About 1.5 years later we were married in the Mesa Temple and I graduated from BYU with my Bachelors in Psychology. I then completed a 1 year program in Special Education for my teaching license. I taught Special Ed for 1 year in Spanish Fork, then we moved to Mesa! I taught 1 year Special Ed in Mesa before my life changed forever and I became a mom. "C" was born August of 2006 and is now my big, busy 2.5 year old. "Q" was born June 2008 and is now already 9 months old! Somewhere in those 2 years I also completed my Master's Degree in Adult Education and Training and am looking for an online teaching job. Time flies, but motherhood is certainly the best job I've ever had. My husband is the most sincere, giving, fun-loving, and caring man on the planet. I love him more every day and am so lucky to parent my children with him as my teammate. I always say I can't imagine marriage getting any better, and then it does!
A few random things about me:
* I love avocados in any form. ** I have to sleep with "white noise". ** I was a competitive synchronized swimmer for 3 years. ** I love the beach! ** I always have a project list about a mile long. ** I spend too much time on the Internet. ** I love to read good books. ** There is nothing better than a pina colada on a hot summer day. ** I love to laugh. ** I love missionary work. **I used to play the cello. ** I still practice the piano. ** I love the outdoors. ** I was on the girls 16-0 undefeated city champions basketball team in 9th grade. ** I like watching most sports. ** I have dreams of ballroom dancing with my husband. ** I'm currently serving as the Laurel advisor. **I can't imagine living life without purpose. ** I love teaching children new things. ** I love to eat. ** I've had 2 personal interviews with David A. Bednar. ** The Book of Mormon inspires me!

This bucket filler blog is certainly an inspirational idea that will inevitably help me learn and grow. I'm excited to be a part of it, not because I'm an "expert," but because I know I will learn and grow a lot through this process. Thank you all beforehand for your testimonies, examples, thoughts, feelings, and words of wisdom.

My personal blog is: moss2004.blogspot.com Come on over and get acquainted with me and my little family! Don't forget to leave your comments so I knew you were there! :)

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Anonymous said...

You're our favorite daughter-in-law! We can say that now, because you're our only one. We are so lucky to have you in the family. We love you and know this experience will touch the lives of many people, us included.