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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

1 Nephi 16

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The wicked take the truth to be hard—Lehi’s sons marry the daughters of Ishmael—The Liahona guides their course in the wilderness—Messages from the Lord are written on the Liahona from time to time—Ishmael dies; his family murmur because of afflictions. Between 600 and 592 B.C.

They are all still in the Valley of Lemuel (v6) when Lehi is commanded to "take his journey into the wilderness". The next morning he finds the Liahona.

versus 14-33 - Nephi's bow breaks and everyone gets mad at Nephi because they' are so hungry and tired. Nephi was the problem solver and created his own bow and arrows and slings with stones. Then instead of just inquiring of the Lord himself, he goes to his father and asks him "Whither shall I go to obtain food?".(v.23). And Lehi "was truly achastened because of his murmuring against the Lord, insomuch that he was brought down into the depths of sorrow." (v.25).  Lehi then receives direction from the Lord via the Liahona.

Nephi brings back food for everyone, then they humble themselves and thank the Lord (v32).

Laman and Lemuel have already gone through the "pride cycle" 2 times in this chapter... and they're about to go through it again! After Ishmael dies, the daughters of Ishmael and his sons want to return to Jerusalem. Which proves that they just don't get it. I wonder how so many children of such spiritual men can want something to contrary to what the Lord has instructed? I find it interesting. But not only do they want to go back, they plot to kill Nephi and Lehi (36-38).

39 And it came to pass that the Lord was with us, yea, even the voice of the Lord came and did speak many words unto them, and did achasten them exceedingly; and after they were chastened by the voice of the Lord they did turn away their anger, and did repent of their sins, insomuch that the Lord did bless us again with food, that we did not perish.

How forgiving is the Lord! How many times do Laman and Lemuel go through this cycle and the Lord continues to bless them when they "repent".

Here's a thought/question. My understand of Repentance is that you have to "sin no more" to truly repent. So I would dare say that Laman and Lemuel do not truly repent all these times when it says they repented. Does that make sense? I found this talk by President Uchtdorf on Repentance. What are your thoughts on this? I don't think Laman and Lemuel (and the others that rebel with them) really repent, so why does the Lord bless them?


Elise said...

I agree with you; I don't think they truly repent, either. To truly repent means a permanent effort toward change, right? And they always seem to change for a short time, but it doesn't last. Could this have something to do with them not having a change of heart, just of mind?

Moss Family said...

I agree as well about their shady repentance- but I think the Lord continues to bless them because even stopping wrong doing and turning in the right direction (even for a short period of time without MOVING in the right direction) shows some desire. The Lord desires to bless us so he rewards even our weak baby-steps...just like we do with our own children. That is my theory anyway.