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Monday, June 15, 2009

Mosiah Ch. 15

Read it HERE.

Summary: How Christ is both the Father and the Son—He shall make intercession and bear the transgressions of his people—They and all the holy prophets are his seed—He bringeth to pass the resurrection—Little children have eternal life. About 148 B.C.

This is a powerful chapter; it is Abinadi bearing testimony of Christ and His mission as our Savior, and all He did for us. Since this is the most important part of our gospel, it is a touching reminder.

6 And after all this, after working many mighty miracles among the children of men, he shall be led, yea, even aas Isaiah said, as a sheep before the shearer is dumb, so he bopened not his mouth.
7 Yea, even so he shall be led, acrucified, and slain, the bflesh becoming subject even unto death, the cwill of the Son being swallowed up in the will of the Father.

A fantastic summary of Christ's purpose and mission can be found in these verses:

8 And thus God breaketh the abands of death, having gained the bvictory over death; giving the Son power to make cintercession for the children of men—
9 Having ascended into heaven, having the bowels of mercy; being filled with compassion towards the children of men; standing betwixt them and justice; having broken the bands of death, taken upon ahimself their iniquity and their transgressions, having redeemed them, and bsatisfied the demands of justice.

There is some good information about Christ's roles found in the Institute manual. It is really worth a read:

On 30June 1916 the First Presidency and the Council of the Twelve Apostles set forth a detailed statement on the Father and the Son. In this exposition Christ, the literal son of God the Eternal Father, is represented as the Father in three ways:

He is the Father as Creator. Christ is referred to in many scriptural passages as “the very Eternal Father of heaven and of earth” (see Mosiah 15:4 , 16:15 , Alma 11:38–39 , Ether 4:7 ).

He is the Father of all who accept his atoning sacrifice and covenant with him to obey his everlasting gospel. There are numerous scriptural passages that express this relationship (see Mosiah 5:7 , 15:10–13 , Ether 3:14 , D&C 25:1 , 34:1–3 , 39:1–4 ).

He is the Father by divine investiture of authority. This means that the Savior is the fully authorized and commissioned representative of his Father, and as such can speak and act for the Father.

The First Presidency and Council of the Twelve explained divine investiture of authority as follows: “In all His dealings with the human family Jesus the Son has represented and yet represents Elohim His Father in power and authority. This is true of Christ in His preexistent, antemortal, or unembodied state, in the which He was known as Jehovah; also during His embodiment in the flesh; and during His labors as a disembodied spirit in the realm of the dead. ... Thus the Father placed His name upon the Son; and Jesus Christ spoke and ministered in and through the Father’s name; and so far as power, authority, and Godship are concerned His words and acts were and are those of the Father” (in JamesE. Talmage, The Articles of Faith, p.471; the entire statement, “The Father and the Son: A Doctrinal Exposition by the First Presidency and the Twelve,” is found on pages466–73 of The Articles of Faith ).

I am grateful we have modern day prophets to help us remember what many, many prophets have testified: That Christ lives. That He loves us. That He is our Savior. That He knows us and understands our hardships.

I can't think of any knowledge that is more important to me or more comforting to me.


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Alicia said...

Thanks, Elise! I LOVE the imagery of "the will of the Son being swallowed up in the will of the Father."... we have our free agency and we can never repay our debt to our Savior - but we can hand over our will to our Father in Heaven and do what he asks of us.