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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mosiah 8

In this chapter Ammon has been fully welcomed by the people of Zeniff and he basically fills them in on what they have missed. I really like that he made sure to relate to them the last address that King Benjamin gave. King Benjamin was not just their ruler, he was their prophet, and I think it definitely shows that Ammon had his priorities in order that the first thing he told the people was the most current word from the prophet.

I like that the people of Zeniff kept a record that Ammon was able to read. If you remember, the Mulekites, who came from Jerusalem just after Nephi and his family, did not keep records and by the time they were found, their language was completely different. But the people of Zeniff, even though they had periods of wickedness, had records, which speaks good things about them.

Limhi tells Ammon about their expedition to find Zarahemla in which they found a land of desolation and bones and retrieved the 24 Jaredite plates. Ammon is not able to translate them, but he knows that King Mosiah can.

They then have an interesting discussion about whether a seer is greater than a prophet. Limhi thinks so, but Ammon says that a seer is a revelator and prophet too, and that no one could have greater gifts than that. I think that's cool to think that our prophet and apostles have the greatest of God's gifts. It definitely makes sense, since they are his most trusted servants here on earth.


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