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Saturday, June 20, 2009

Mosiah 20

I had to double check my chapter this week because I was in Utah all week and away from reliable internet. But it's nice to be home!

This chapter relates an interesting story. It really shows how the greediness and lust of a handful of men caused so much death and destruction among both the Lamanites and people of Limhi.
The priests of King Noah are afraid that if they returned to their city, they will receive the same treatment as Noah, so they hide in the jungle. They come across the daughters of the Lamanites singing and dancing together and one day, when there is a smaller group, they kidnap 24 young women! I can't even imagine being those women. They were kidnapped and forced to marry their enemies.

Because of that, the Lamanites assume the Nephites have stolen the girls and attack the people of Limhi without provocation. I wonder how often wars have been fought in which one side has no idea why they are fighting, but are instead just fighting in self defense.

Luckily Limhi had a tower built that oversaw the Lamanite lands and he sees the attack in time to warn his people. The Lamanites are driven away and their king wounded and left behind. Limhi is a fair man and speaks with the king before ordering him killed. Also, as soon as he hears the king's accusation, he takes the responsibility upon himself to find out who committed the crime, even if it turns out to be his own people. I respect him for being a fair, righteous leader who was doing his best with the situation left to him by wicked and no-so-righteous forbearers.

Another righteous man, Gideon, comes to the rescue. He remembers the priests, and everyone agrees that it must have been them that kidnapped the girls. Even more admirably (though maybe not the best tactics), he encourages the king to continue to fulfil their oath to the Lamanites, even though they are under a huge burden. Everyone continues on happily, though the people of Limhi are still in bondage. This is the set-up for the next few chapters where Ammon comes and helps the people to escape. I always love the escape stories in the Book of Mormon! :]


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Elise said...

Wouldn't it be nice if our leaders today were just like Limhi? Some of them have good intentions but are far too full of self-importance.

This makes me think about how sometimes I might "attack" someone else, whether just in my mind or not, without knowing their situation. Giving them the benefit of the doubt is far better than jumping to conclusions. Thanks! This is a great reminder for me.