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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mosiah 12

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Summary: Abinadi is imprisoned for prophesying the destruction of the people and the death of King Noah—The false priests quote the scriptures and pretend to keep the law of Moses—Abinadi begins to teach them the Ten Commandments. About 148 B.C.

Abinadi is quite tricky here to think of dressing in a disguise in order to prophecy to the wicked people of King Noah. The Lord uses very potent words here to describe his anger, such as: "fierce", "bondage", "smitten", "slain", "and the vultures of the air, and the dogs, yea, and the wild beasts, shall devour their flesh." Would you call that poetic? He continues to describe King Noah's life as the value of a garment in a hot furnace. (A little ironic foreshadowing going on.) Sounds awful. Can you imagine being smitten by the Lord for your iniquities so much that you would howl all the day long? Not only their physical bodies and spirits would be smitten and slain, but also their lands and their grain.

Verse 8 is one that is written for us:
8- And it shall come to pass that except they repent I will utterly adestroy them from off the face of the earth; yet they shall leave a brecord behind them, and I will preserve them for other nations which shall possess the land; yea, even this will I do that I may discover the abominations of this people to other nations. [That is for US!] And many things did Abinadi prophesy against this people.

Hence, after all this prophecy from the Lord the people are upset and take Abinadi and bind him before King Noah. The servants of King Noah try to justify themselves as well as their King and claim that Abinadi has falsely accused them and prophesied evil and in vain. So, Noah puts Abinadi in prison and asks the priests to gather in council in order to decide what to do with him.

During questioning the priests tried to cross Abinadi but he answered boldly and withstood all their questions.... so much that he confounded them. Begs the question of us... are we strong and wise enough in our testimonies to not "be crossed".... so much that we can withstand the questions of others and confound them? Food for thought.

One priests then asks Abinadi about the writings of Isaiah... "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings;...." (v. 21-24) Abinadi then catches him and asks... "Are you priests, and pretend to teach this people, and to understand the spirit of prophesying, and yet desire to know of me what these things mean?" (v.25).

This leads Abinadi into scolding the priests for perverting the ways of the Lord and not applying their hearts to understanding. Abinadi turns the interrogation on them and continues to question them about the Law of Moses and why they have not kept it and taught the people correctly. He then pierces their heart by saying, "Yeah, ye know that I speak the truth; and you ought to tremble before God" (v.30).

This was a powerful sermon given by Abinadi to the servants/priests of King Noah who had not correctly taught the people. It's inspiring to me to see how the Lord strengthens his servants in the very hour they need it.... and he does the same with us. Even as a prisoner Abinadi finds the strength and conviction and words/strategy to turn the interrogation on the false priests in order to teach them and humble them. I know He can and does provide us with that same spirit and revelation in order to bring about His work. Such a powerful chapter. Reminds me of a few things I need to do:

1- Be well read in the scriptures so I can quote them, reference them, use their stories in conversations with others.
2- Be in tune with the Holy Ghost/spirit in order to gain revelation in the very hour of need.
3- To be BOLD in my speaking and questioning with others.... in a LOVING way.

I'm grateful for Abinadi and his powerful example.

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