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Friday, April 3, 2009

2 Nephi 3

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Summary: Joseph in Egypt saw the Nephites in vision—He prophesied of Joseph Smith, the latter-day seer; of Moses, who would deliver Israel; and of the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. Between 588 and 570 B.C.

First of all, can you imagine what it must have been like for Joseph Smith to read/translate this chapter for the first time? Wow. What a strength that must have been for him to read that HE was forseen by prophets of old and included in prophecy....down to the very detail of his, and his father's name. I have just always found that fascinating and can't help thinking about Joseph Smith reading this chapter for the first time.

Lehi is talking to his son Joseph, and I believe explaining to him the importance of his name and the many great people that were also named Joseph. He goes on to tell of Joseph of Egypt and the visions he saw.

In verse 5 he tells how Joseph saw their day, the time of the Nephites.

Then he goes on to tell that the Lord will raise up a "seer."

6 For Joseph truly testified, saying: A seer shall the Lord my God raise up, who shall be a choice seer unto the fruit of my loins.

7 Yea, Joseph truly said: Thus saith the Lord unto me: A choice seer will I raise up out of the fruit of thy loins; and he shall be esteemed highly among the fruit of thy loins. And unto him will I give commandment that he shall do a work for the fruit of thy loins, his brethren, which shall be of great worth unto them, even to the bringing of them to the knowledge of the covenants which I have made with thy fathers.

8 And I will give unto him a commandment that he shall do none other work, save the work which I shall command him. And I will make him great in mine eyes; for he shall do my work.

9 And he shall be great like unto Moses, whom I have said I would raise up unto you, to deliver my people, O house of Israel.

And here it is. In verse 15 he tells that his name shall be Joseph. What do you think Joseph Smith was thinking whe he read this verse. Could it have been something like, "Wait a minute. Is this talking about ME? Am I supposed to be great even like unto Joseph and unto Moses?" How humbling woud that be?
15 And his name shall be called after me; and it shall be after the name of his father. And he shall be like unto me; for the thing, which the Lord shall bring forth by his hand, by the power of the Lord shall bring my people unto salvation.

And scriptures shall be written, and the stick of Judah and the stick of Joseph shall finally come together and confound false doctrines.

In conclusion:
24 And there shall rise up one (Joseph Smith) mighty among them, who shall do much good, both in word and in deed, being an instrument in the hands of God, with exceeding faith, to work mighty wonders, and do that thing which is great in the sight of God, unto the bringing to pass much restoration unto the house of Israel, and unto the seed of thy brethren.

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