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Monday, April 6, 2009

LDS Temples

I shared this post on my other blog. But I think it is relevant to the purpose of this Blog as well.

I'm going to share my thoughts on a talk from the 179th Annual General Conference.

There were so many wonderful, encouraging things said... but this is a talk that I loved... listen to it HERE.

Gary E. Stevenson's talk I'm entitling, "You're never lost when you can see the Temple."

"Only the home can compare to the Temple in sacredness." (I want to have this quote somewhere in my home!)

Then,  he takes us on a virtual tour of  out own home and asks us to look at it with spiritual eyes.

  • When you enter - What do you see? How to you feel?
  • Is it a place of Love, Peace and a refuge from the world?
  • Is it clean and orderly?
  • Do you see uplifting images? Such as pictures of the Temple and the Savior?
  • Is your bedroom a place for Prayer?
  • Is your gathering area/kitchen a place to enjoy food and family time? It is a place for uplifting conversation?
  • Are scriptures found where you can study, pray and learn together?
  • Can you find personal Gospel study space?
  • Does the music and entertainment offend the spirit?
  • Are conversations uplifting and without contention?

Bountiful Utah Temple

I think this is such a great way to establish a home. Mine is far from where I want it to be... but now I have a set standard of what my home should be like!

He goes on to tell us that we are given standards to keep us worthy. And that we should set standards for our homes, to keep them sacred.

"There is a righteous unity between the Temple and the home."

"Understanding the eternal nature of the temple, will draw you to your family. Understanding the eternal nature of the family, will draw you to the temple." 

I have resolved to teach my sons about temples now. My 2 year old asks to see the temple all the time, ever since we went through the Draper Temple open-house. He is at the age that he wants to learn! I want him to want to be sealed to his future sweetheart and family for more than just this life! I hope he continues to love and learn about temples and the blessings they can bring to a family!

Some goals I have set are:

  • Put a picture of a temple in the boys' rooms.
  • Frame a picture of the Bountiful Temple (where DH and I were married) for our living room.
  • Have a family home evening about the Temple.
  • Visit the temple grounds with my family (and if the day is nice, also take some family pictures there).

*Learn more about the Purpose of Temples and the Plan of Happiness.


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