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Friday, April 24, 2009

The Lord Really Does Care for the "One."

Last night, I went to a meeting where I heard the most touching story. A sister in my ward works for the church and told this to me.

She said that her friend works in the office of the Mormon Tabernacle choir. On March 27th, she got a phone call from a relief society president in Southern Utah. This RS president told of a sister in her ward who was just diagnosed with cancer and only give 4-6 weeks to live. This RS president said that she had prayed and prayed about what she could do to provide comfort for this sister and finally felt to call the Mormon Tabernacle choir. She asked if the choir could possibly sing "Consider the Lillies of the Field," during conference, since this is the favorite song of her sister with cancer.

As she was telling her story and giving her request, the sister on the phone in the choir's office began thinking thoughts of, "There is no way the music can be changed now. Conference is next weekend! People just don't understand that all the music is chosen clear back in January and has to be approved by the Brethren. After that, there is quite a process to change anything." But as she listed to the RS president's story, she thought, "Wait, I think the choir IS singing 'Consider the Lillies.'" She told the relief society president her thought and asked her to hold. She checked the list of the music to be sung and conference, and lo and behold, "Consider the Lillies" was scheduled for the Saturday Morning session. She got back on the phone to a crying RS president and was able to tell her that the choir was planning on singing it in the first session. The RS president was so grateful and said that this was an answer to many, many prayers.

There is more to the story. Come to find out, "Consider the Lillies" was not orignally on the choir's program. Mack Wilburg had picked all the music clear back in January. But a couple of weeks after (remember, we are still in January, clear before this sister even knew she had cancer) he got a very strong feeling that he needed to change one of the songs to "Consider the Lillies." So he went through the process and got it changed. What incredible inspiration. What a wonderful blessing from the Lord. He truly cares about all of His children. Each and every ONE!


Tori said...

I love that story! And I loved the choir singing it at Conference.

Holly said...

Wow... chills! What a neat story! I love that you shared it here. Of course it's about music too. You're awesome! :)