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Monday, February 1, 2010

Moroni 1

So we are into the really short chapters. This is going to take some brain power, but I will try to think of something fabulous to say.

One thing that caught my attention was how incredibly wicked the people had become. There were literally no righteous left among them, except for Moroni. He had to go into hiding because he would not deny Christ. And those who were righteous were killed. It is scary to think that people can be so wicked. I guess we have seen that in our days too. When the church first was restored to the earth, it was met with much opposition. People were persecuted and slain for their testimonies, namely Joseph Smith. It is amazing the influence that Satan can have over the hearts of men if they let him. That is why a sure testimony of Christ is so important in this life. There are so many ways that Satan can destroy us today, if we give in to the natural man. We need our Savior to strengthen us, to remind us of our eternal potential, to push us towards righteousness, and to encourages us to continue on. Christ is the light and hope that we need to hold onto in these perilous times. We cannot deny Him. It would be a fate worse than death. That is why Joseph Smith (I believe...maybe I am wrong) said that true religion requires the sacrifice of all things. In the end, we will be blessed more than we can fathom now. What lies beyond this life is so much more glorious than anything we could have in this life. With that great sacrifice comes the promise of a beautiful eternity with our families, our God, and our Savior...we will be forever surrounded by those with whom we share the greatest love in this life. We do not yet know what we will be called to do in this life, but we need to hold on to the light and the hope of Christ to get through whatever it may be.


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