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Friday, October 23, 2009

Congratulations, Holly!

I just wanted to tell let you all know that Holly had her beautful baby boy on the 21st! And I was blessed to be there with her as her doula. She is an absolutly incredible woman! I was amazed by her strength, determination, and her willpower.


She had her little baby naturally! No epidural!

She was on four hours of pitocen and her Dr. had broken her water right off. I have been there before, so I can attest to that situation being extremely intense. But she remained calm and focused. She's so inspiring! What a beautiful woman and what a gorgeous baby!

Congratulations, Holly!


Moss Family said...

Thank you Natalie! You're great to spread the word for me.... and brag for me too! :) Still feels like an out of body experience.... did I really do that?

Tori said...

That's awesome--Congratulations Holly!