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Thursday, July 30, 2009

Alma 24

I need to apologize to everyone for missing the last two weeks. Our brand new computer crashed after a month! So we have been without a computer until now. I have missed so much! I am so sorry! Here is my chapter for the week.

Summary: The Lamanites come against the people of God—The Anti-Nephi-Lehies rejoice in Christ and are visited by angels—They choose to suffer death rather than to defend themselves—More Lamanites are converted. Between 90 and 77 B.C.

This chapter tells an amazing story of faith. Basically, The Anti-Nephi-Lehies refuse to take up arms in defense of themselves against their enemies. As I read this chapter, I kept thinking: when have I ever valued something so much that I was willing to sacrifice everything? These men showed tremendous faith in the Savior. After their many sins, they were forgiven, and they never doubted that they could be forgiven for the unthinkable things they did. They showed how important the Atonement was to them, and they showed their love for Christ by covenanting never to take up arms again, even if it meant laying down their lives. They had seen the dark side and refused to go back, no matter the cost. They had tasted of forgiveness and righteousness and valued those things above their own lives. They wanted to be able to meet Heavenly Father on the other side of the veil with clean, pure hearts. And they did just that. The other miracle in this story is the conversion of thousands of Lamanaites upon seeing their enemies in prayer to God as they were being slain. I love how it is stated:
27 And there was not a wicked man slain among them; but there were more than a thousand brought to the knowledge of the truth; thus we see that the Lord worketh in many aways to the salvation of his people.
This just goes to show that these men understood the bigger picture. Their sacrificed lives saved more than 1000 souls, including their own. This is one of the strongest examples of putting the Lord first I have come across. Nothing was more important than showing their devotion to their God, not even their own lives. It just makes me realize how far I have to go before I reach that point. This chapter was such an incredible testiment to me. What a beautiful plan Heavenly Father has in store for us.


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Elise said...

I really appreciated your thoughts on this chapter. Welcome back! I'm glad you got your computer issues sorted out! When I read about these remarkable people, I always wonder what our church would be like if we all had this much faith. Wouldn't it be something incredible? First I have to figure out how to get this way myself!