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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Alma chapter 47

Amalickiah uses treachery, murder, and intrigue to become king of the Lamanites—The Nephite dissenters are more wicked and ferocious than the Lamanites.

I find this chapter intriguing. How one man (Amalakiah) goes so far to gain power (in his case, he doesn't even seem to care whom over!). Amalakiah is just straight up evil!  He cares for no one but himself, going so far as to manipulate and murder!  I encourage you to read this chapter yourself.

I find the story with Lehonti most relevant.  Lehonti would not (at first) come down from his safe keep in the top of Mt. Antipas, but after subtle persistence from Amalakiah he came down just a little. And that was all it took for Amalakiah to accomplish his desires. And ultimately, Lehonti was poisoned until dead.

How often do we compromise our safe hold just a little bit?  How often do we just barely step over the line of sure safety? How often do we allow ourselves to do the little things we have been asked by the prophets not to?

Satan just needs us to take one step away from our Heavenly Father and with that he will poison us by degrees until we are spiritually dead - If we allow him to. We have knowledge other do not. We know there is a war going on, consisting of daily battles for our souls. Our choices determine the outcome of these battles.  Always remember the story of Lehonti who did not want to be subjected, yet came down from the top of the mountain just enough that Amalakiah was able to destroy him. Lehonti did not know Amalakiahs intentions or what he was capable of. But we do. We know Satan's intentions is to destroy us - subtlety and indefinitely.

Now have a great day! :D (Sorry if that was a little intense, but this is something I feel strongly about!)

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